Privacy and personal data protection (English)

Last update: March 08, 2023

By registering and using Get on Board, you share information with us. We understand the importance and sensitivity of the information you share with us. We take all reasonable steps to protect that information and your privacy and give you the tools to remove that information from our services.

On this page we detail the following:

Key Definitions

  • Get on Board, LLC ("Get on Board" or "us"): Includes all Get on Board portals through country-specific access, the portal, the Concierge recruiting service, and mobile applications, feeds, and XML and other services provided by us.
  • The services: All services provided by Get on Board, its websites, API services, feeds, applications, and others, both public and open, and those that require user registration.
  • Publishing entity ("entity" or "company"): An entity of any kind that offers a job vacancy at Get on Board. We also include recruiters acting individually on behalf of a company and the accounts of team members acting on behalf of the entity who may or may not have an employment or contractual relationship with the entity.
  • Professional applicant: Individual who applies for a job vacancy published in Get on Board or who registers with Get on Board with that intention. We may also refer to an applicant as a "professional", "Webpro", "candidate", or "applicant".
  • Job: A job offer or vacancy shared publicly by an organization, calling for qualified individuals to apply. The organization may have requirements or restrictions related to the candidates' professional profile, geographic location, or migratory status.
  • Application: Communication of an applicant expressing interest in a job offered by the organization, and sharing personal and professional information that allows the organization to evaluate the application. This includes filling out application forms, as well as the acceptance of invitations by a company.
  • External Board Operator ("Operator"): An entity of any kind that operates a job board on the Get on Board platform, using a service especially built for that purpose named Board+.
  • External Job Board ("Board+ job board"): A job board that runs on the Get on Board platform, clearly identified as such, has its own access URL, a differentiated name and branding, and its own acceptance criteria for jobs and candidates.
  • Partners: Any kind of entity or individual, for or non-profit, with which Get on Board has established a commercial, strategic or mutual benefit relationship that does not belong to the categories stated above.
  • Third parties: Entity or individual of any kind that does not belong to any of the categories stated above.
  • What data we collect

    Get on Board is a recruitment platform and service based on information exchanged between recruiters and applicants. This information includes the following:

    For all users

  • When you use the support chat service in the lower right-hand corner, you share certain information, such as your name, email address, IP address, and the page of the site you are visiting when you start the chat. This information allows us to determine from which country you are contacting us and to collect information useful in resolving errors or problems.
  • For Professional Applicants

    In this section, "you" refers to a professional.

    1. We ask for personal data such as name, email address, telephone number, and country.
    2. In addition, depending on the service you sign up with, we automatically obtain certain publicly available information in your profile from that service. These include your profile picture (avatar), your Twitter @username, or your LinkedIn or GitHub profile URL.
    3. You can register with Get on Board as a professional using external services, such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub, and directly using your email address ("magic link"). External service providers do not share their login information with us. We do not receive or store your password on any of these services. To use Get on Board, you must authorize our app to access your service. In general, we ask for as little information as possible and never post content to your accounts. If you revoke access to Get on Board from the service you authorized to sign in, you may lose access to your account.
    4. We may require consolidating two or more professional accounts registered under the same email address. In this case, the data of both accounts will be added in a single master account.
    5. Get on Board offers tests or questionnaires to give you information about your profile or professional skills. Also, Get on Board recruiters may ask you to take technical knowledge or psychological tests similar to those usually requested in recruitment processes. We store this information and only share it with companies if you opt to make your profile visible to them or directly share your test results. Companies cannot identify you in our database based on this information unless you accept to interact with the company.
    6. Optionally, we ask you for information relevant to the companies you are applying to, such as your portfolio or a link to your CV. Although this information is not required to register with Get on Board, some recruiters may require you to include it before submitting your application.
    7. When you apply or make your profile visible, you share with us and employers information about your professional profile, work experience, and reasons for applying for a job. Additionally, some applications will require you to answer questions determined by the company, the answers to which we also store.
    8. You can exchange private messages with a company's team members in a fashion similar to emails. We will store the text of those messages.

    In the case of organizations and team members

    In this section, "you" refers to an authorized user of an organization.

      We ask you for basic information about your company, such as your name, logo, contact email, website, the country where the offices are located, and descriptive texts about your organization.
    1. When you post a job offer, you will make public information about the position you want to hire and your organization, including compensation and salary information.
    2. You can exchange private messages with job applicants you post, similar to sending emails. We will store the text of those messages. We will also store company team members' names and email addresses.
    3. When you make a purchase on Get on Board, you enter your credit card details through our portal. We do not store such data in our services in any way, but we send them to our payment gateway provider in the United States (Stripe). Stripe does not provide us with any card details and only allows us access to the following information: card brand, cardholder name, card expiration date and the last 4 digits of the card number. View Stripe Privacy Policy for details on how Stripe protects your payment information.

    How we protect and use information

    In general, we use the information you provide to provide the services we offer, which facilitate selection processes between organizations that publish job offers and people who apply for them.

    The Get on Board portal is protected by 256-bit SHA encryption, the industry standard for protecting sensitive information.

    We use the information collected in the following manner:

    In general

    1. We store information about your user session, such as the number of times you logged in and when your account or company's account was last active on Get on Board.
    2. We may average, aggregate, or group usage information or data submitted to Get on Board by organizations and applicants and disclose it for educational, informational, or commercial purposes. We will ensure that such information will not lead to the identification of any company or applicant or include information that would allow for the inference of specific data.
    3. We will analyze, group, or process the information to automatically infer which professionals are most compatible with a given job, sort search results according to relevance, suggest relevant jobs to a professional based on the information shared with us, and feed automated advising services.
    4. We may send you emails to the address you have registered with our services, notifying you of Get on Board account activity, communications, and messaging from other users, or information that is important or requires immediate action.
    5. We never share, disclose, sell, lease, or give third parties access to your email address. We also do not send advertising or commercial communications on behalf of third parties. In general, when you share your email address with Get on Board you will only receive communications identified as coming from us.

    In the case of professional applicants

    In this section, "you" refers to a professional.

    1. When you apply for a job, we share the information you submit in your application with the job's organization. This information includes contact details, job preferences, professional profile data, and fields filled in the application form, including company-specific questions. As context, please note that whenever you apply for a job outside Get on Board, you also share your personal information with the company.
    2. By applying to a job, you agree that once the application has been submitted, the organization may use the information you have shared with it outside of the Get on Board services and for its own purposes. Companies can also access some personal and contact information, such as your name, your LinkedIn or GitHub profile, and other data, if you opt to make your profile visible. Companies may only use this information strictly in connection with a recruitment process. Using this information for commercial or promotional purposes violates our Terms of Service and will result in the company's account termination.
    3. The companies you apply to may contact you using Get on Board services or other means, depending on the contact information you shared with them. We will store the messages exchanged between you and the company inside Get on Board.
    4. Companies may request additional information from you using the Get on Board communication services (e.g., additional contact information). If you provide such information through Get on Board, we will also store such information as part of the message text.
    5. A company can use an automated service that will send to your email information about a job it has posted that matches your preferences. This service is provided automatically and the job seeker does not have direct access to your contact details or know whether or not you have read the email.
    6. A company can send you invitations to participate in one of its selection processes. If you have opted to make your profile visible to employers, the company will send you the invitation while being aware of your identity and contact information. If you have it deactivated, the invitations you receive will have been sent anonymously.
    7. Applicants may include companies on an exclusion list that prevents those companies from sending them jobs using the service described above. Publishing organizations do not have access to such a list and cannot know who or how many professionals have included them.
    8. We treat application information as sensitive and confidential. We do not disclose or communicate it in any way that could lead to the public identification of the applicant, unless the applicant has expressly authorized us to do so (for example, by checking the "Visible for companies" box). We do not give any third parties any way of knowing whether you have a professional account with Get on Board, unless we are required to do so by law. We never grant unrestricted access to professional databases.
    9. We do not provide companies with access to the contact info of professionals unless they choose to make their profile visible to them.
    10. Please note that an organization's name may change or that it has the right to grant access to or transfer ownership of its account to third parties on its own initiative and without our prior knowledge or consent.
    11. Similarly, a company may grant specific Get on Board members access to their account information to enable them to act as recruiters. In that case, for all legal purposes, Get on Board members are considered part of the company's recruiting team and are governed by the confidentiality clauses established by the company.

    In the case of publishing organizations ("companies")

    In this section, "you" refers to the authorized user of an organization.

    1. All information requested in the job posting form is public knowledge, including job title, requirements, and public information about the company. This public information may appear on affiliated third-party sites, which are required to disclose Get on Board as the source of information. We do not disclose or share email information or direct company contact information.
    2. By creating a company account or posting a job on Get on Board with your company trademark and logo, you publicly disclose your business relationship with us. We may mention you as a customer publicly for promotional or business purposes.
    3. We may change without prior notice company logos or information that we believe most accurately identifies your organization. We also reserve the right to edit the public information in a job post to improve its readability.
    4. When opening a selection process, you will be able to make use of our tools and services in ways that could reflect sensitive information about your organization or business strategy, such as phases of a selection process, evaluation or selection tools, private information about projects and people within your organization, etc. For all purposes, we consider this information to be sensitive and strictly confidential, and we take the necessary security measures to protect it and restrict access to it. No one outside your account's authorized members can access this information.
    5. Applicants to a job posted by your company can only access the information you explicitly share with them through messages. Applicants can never access the stages of your recruitment process, any private qualifications you or members have left on the application or internal team notes.
    6. Applicants cannot identify whether or not they have been excluded from a process or whether the process is open or closed, unless you explicitly inform them. They cannot know the identity of other applicants. However, certain information regarding an application (for example, whether it has been discarded or not, the reason for discarding, the stage of the selection process when an application has been completed and the number of messages exchanged between company users and the applicant) is anonymized and aggregated with the same information from other jobs to which the professional has applied, to advise the applicant on possible improvements to their profile.
    7. Applicants can find out whether or not the company has read their application.
    8. Logged-in applicants may be able to infer the salary offered by a job, even if you have marked that salary as "publicly hidden".
    9. As stated above, we do not store or record payment or credit card information with Get on Board. The data is received and protected directly by Stripe. Through Stripe, we may use the stored payment information to make new charges, upon authorization by the customer, as well as previous purchase and billing history.
    10. Integration with Slack: Companies can integrate their Slack account and receive notifications about activity in their Get on Board account. This integration is entirely optional and can be revoked at any time. The responsibility for Get on Board information shared in Slack rests with Slack and the individual company.
    11. Integration with external ATS software: Companies can integrate their ATS software to export information about the process and the candidates. Once exported to an external system, the information ceases to be under Get on Board's control and the present Policy no longer applies.

    In the case of External Job Boards ("Board+ job board")

    1. All companies and professionals using a Board+ job board do so by creating and using Get on Board accounts. All Get on Board's data collection and treatment policies specified in this Document apply to companies, jobs, applications, and professional info created under an External Job Board.
    2. The Operator of the External Job Board has access to this same information. However, Operators can never access the following information: private messages, notes, and details of hiring processes or activity of member companies.

    How We Use Cookies and Third Party Services

    Like the vast majority of Web sites and services you use every day, we use cookies (small data files stored on your computer). Some cookies are deleted if you close your browser, others persist until you manually delete them or they expire automatically after a while.

    1. Essential Cookies: We use site cookies necessary to keep your user session active and to remember certain preferences for use of our services. This allows us, for example, to avoid sending you duplicate communications and messages. It also means we do not need to ask you to log in each time you close your browser or connect to a new network.
    2. Analytical and Performance Services: We collect certain non-personally identifiable information from you in connection with your use of the services. This information includes actions you take on our services (pages visited, applications submitted, etc.) and certain information about your device, such as your IP address, operating system, browser type, and others. This information does not personally identify you and is not stored with other personal data about you.
    3. The above information is stored in our own and third party cookies. These third party cookies correspond to industry-recognized Analytics services (such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel or Hotjar) and meet the standards of GDPR.
    4. We may combine the information provided by analytical and performance services with the information you provide to us in your use of the platform, in order to understand how our services are used, to resolve problems or errors and to deliver help more quickly.
    5. To obtain an anonymized record of errors and bugs in our software we use Bugsnag, which complies with GDPR standards and only includes information about the device where an error occurs, such as IP address, operating system and browser type.
    6. We use Chaskiq as a chat system to provide user support. This system collects the user's name, dates and times of messages and some device information such as IP address, operating system and browser type. Also, the chat may request and collect information such as name, email or other information that will be stored.

    You can block the use of cookies at Get on Board and you can delete the cookies that Get on Board stores at any time. However, please note that if you block the use of cookies in the Get on Board, the Services will no longer function properly.

    Please note that some analytics and performance services will still record and store certain information, even if you block all cookies and JavaScript, because some information collected is directly dependent on your interaction with our servers.

    Where we store your information

    Services are provided in the United States of America. The data (personal or otherwise) that you provide to us may be stored, processed and accessed by us, our team, and sub-contracted third parties in the United States of America or in other countries, both within and outside the European Union, for the purposes described in this policy. In addition, we may store your information in locations that are outside the direct control of Get on Board (for example, on servers or databases provided by hosting service providers). By using the service, you consent to the export of your information to the United States for use in the manner we have described in this document. Please note that the United States laws may treat information and privacy differently from the laws of your country of residence.

    Our databases and servers are hosted at Heroku and some static files such as CVs or profile images (avatars) are stored at Amazon Web Services (s3). Both services comply with GDPR standards. The profile images provided by Google, Twitter, Github or Linkedin are stored by these platforms and we access them through the URL address they provide.

    Separate websites by country, as well as the domain names belonging to each country, work only as a way to facilitate the access to the job offers; in all cases, the information that is the subject of this document is stored and processed in the United States of America.

    Your rights as a user

    For all legal purposes, your information and personal data are stored and submitted to the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware, United States of America.
      You have the right to view and modify your personal data. You have the right to revoke Get on Board's access to your external service accounts (Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, Slack or others) whenever you deem it appropriate.
    1. You have the right to request the obfuscation or deletion of your personal data at any time, unless we are legally obliged to retain it. If you require this, please contact us at Deletion of such data will necessarily result in the permanent deletion of your account and the termination of your access to the Get on Board Services.

    Questions? Comments? Write to us at